JiaoTong/Chiao Tung University Alumni Association of Southern California





CTUAA-SC: 丁言愉, 陈沅, 何能, 黄怡, 蔣勤, 徐文骥, 朱颖
SJTU: 盛煥烨, 蒋宏, 張偉, 宋苏晨

Representing CTUAA-SC, the above listed attendees enjoyed a very pleasant dinner meeting with our distinguished guests – a Shanghai Jiao Tong University visiting group led by Prof. Sheng Huanye, Vice President of SJTU. The other members of the SJTU group included:

Prof. Jiang Hong Executive Vice Dean, School of Media & Design
Mr. Zhang Wei Associate Professor, Director, Foundation Office
Dr. Song Suchen Associate Professor, School of Media & Design

Prior to arriving in LA, the SJTU group had visited Dallas, Houston, and Salt Lake City. Their main focus of this trip was to exchange experience with several universities on research and education of media and communication. The group visited several senior alumni who had made significant donation to SJTU. The group also had a dinner meeting with 30+ members of CTUAA in Huston.

Prof. Sheng described the recent SJTU development and shared interesting stories behind the formation of some new schools of SJTU. Mr. Zhang Wei gave detailed introduction of the current 24 schools of SJTU, SJTU strengths and weaknesses, near and long term development plans, Min-Hang campus Phase II development plan, as well as the accomplishment of fund raising effort. SJTU is learning and applying the Harvard Foundation management experience. The future of SJTU sounded really bright and exciting, and the drawings of the future new campus looked absolutely breathtaking.

Tony discussed with Prof. Sheng and Mr. Zhang regarding the possibility of honoring David Chang and Michael Ho with Distinguished Alumni Award. The matter will be taken back to SJTU management for approval. Katherine will follow up with Mr. Zhang on this subject.